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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mr Gabe

Just a quick update, because I am so bad about updating this blog!

Gabe is doing fantastic, he just spent the night with me for the first time, as his Mommy had plans for the evening. It was so fun to just have him here for the night! He is such a big boy now, he sits at the table and eats dinner with us, went to bed like a big boy. . . though he did wake up with an earache and spent the night sleeping in my arms. . . but thats ok, hes adorable enough to get away with it.

Jayme is well, she graduates high school in June and I graduate college in June. Its interesting how we will be doing a huge transition together! She is busy with her senior project (Confronting media myths of Islam) and preparing for the SAT. She plans on attending the same University I am attending in the fall. Her major is History and she plans on becoming a teacher. I am uber proud of her!

In June Jayme, Gabriel and I are flying to Orlando for five days at Disney World followed by a five day cruise through the Bahamas. I am really excited about it, we had planned on Paris but since there wasn't anybody to keep Gabriel, we made her senior trip more kid friendly. I tried to talk her into going to Paris with her class for a two week trip while I kept Gabe but she really was insistent that she wanted to take him and do something different.

So, that is our big update. . . . I will keep this updated a bit better and add some pictures of him as well!


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