My babys having a baby

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A new beginning

First, some pictures, of my amazing grandson!

Gabe being a clown
Gabe camping with me. This was the first bite of a smore he had. The reaction was priceless!

Isn't he absolutely stunning?

Gabe and his Daddy . . . with his new military cut :)

My baby, and her baby. . . soon . . .

Recently I have wondered more and more if I should put this blog to rest. I felt there should be an end time, a closing, a ceremony even. This blog is so much more then just words, it holds the memories of my child's passing into adulthood. It holds my own confusion and pain, my joy and elation at my amazing grandson. Each time I have thought of closing it, another chapter began which kept the door open a bit longer.

Gabriel is turning four years old in a week. He is such an amazing child, so verbal and happy. He has the most expressive face I have ever seen in a child. He loves to talk and chat, loves his cars, loves to be funny. Now, he loves something new . . .

Gabriel loves, that he is going to become a big brother in the spring. Yes, Jayme and Tony are having another baby. My heart is full of joy for both of them. Five years later they are able to do something I never could, something that I probably never will. They are able to commit to each other and work through their grief, sadness, pain and hurt of the past. They are still together and committed. Yesterday there was talk of a wedding next fall.

Tony is leaving soon for boot camp and will be gone for four months. Jayme will be home with Gabriel and nurturing my new grandbaby. Though I am sad that Tony will miss the first four months of her pregnancy, I look forward to sharing the appointments, ultrasounds, cooking her favorite foods and being there again. This time is so very different, there was no anger or frustration. There is excitement and happiness. I am so very blessed.

So, now I am at a crossroads. I was going to close this blog, print it out, keep it as my own memory, share it with Jayme, use it for good. Now, I am tempted to keep it open. I know several people still read this when it updates. I won't follow this pregnancy like the last one, in fact, I may close it at the birth of the new grandbaby . . . but there is a new grandbaby and I want a place to celebrate him or her.

What an amazing ride!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

*sob* sooo beautiful!

If anybody still looks at this blog, I thought they would love these updates. . .

SO happy together. . . . who would have ever known??

This makes my heart melt. They deserve the happiness they have found

SO, this isn't Jayme and Tony, this is my five children . . . I asked for a photo of all five children for my birthday, and all the kids pitched in for a photo shoot. . . here is my favorite. From right to left, Makiah (13) Katie (15) Jacob (5) Jayme (19) and Hannah (8)

Gabe showing his goofy side!

He is amazing . . . almost 3 and so full of life!

A very happy family

Don't you just want to eat him up! He's amazing!!!!

And, my very very favorite. . . Jayme said a lady pulled up on this when they were out doing the shoot. Gabe was so excited the lady let him sit on it. . . then he got very very serious!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Gabe showing his sense of humor! He saw this picture on my computer and said "Gramma! They put paint on my face!!"

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's been a year!!!!

Here we go for an update. . . . one a long time coming!

My all time favorite picture of Jayme and Gabe. . . . Having a good time together!

Moosey on Christmas Morning~ He is a car freak!

Gabe watching the Pear Blossom Parade! "Look Gramma, a fire truck!!!!" that was his favorite part!

Me, Gabe and Jayme

I realized while sitting at work today that it has been almost a year since I have blogged about Gabriel. I don't know if anybody reads this blog anymore *probably not!* however I thought I would update nonetheless.

Jayme: She is doing great, she has just completed her first year of college. Jayme thinks she is going for a business degree but she is still a bit uncertain. She works at a salon on the weekends and a small restaurant a few days a week. She has a cute little house with a fenced yard just two blocks from me.

Gabriel: Mr. Moosey Moo . . . . is absolutely fantastic. He is almost three and speaks in clear sentances. This child will walk up and say "Hello gramma, how are you today?" He says please and thank you, gives kisses and hugs, just is a joy. Make no mistakes though . . . He is definately an only child. The word no gives immediate meltdowns!

Tony: Well, hes doing well too! Tony is working two jobs, one at the same restaurant as Jayme and the other working nights at a market. I can say alot about Tony but he certainly is the hardest working person I have ever known. That kid can work a 24 hour shift. I think it is rather unhealthy. We still debate and fight like crazy . . . but he is a good kid and a really great father.

As for Jayme and Tony? They are very strongly still together. There were some ups and downs but now Jayme and Tony are 19 and 20 and very in love. They are both committed to eachother and to Gabe, and you can't beat that. I am very very aware that thier story is not very common.

They have been living together for about eight months, and I think its awesome for Gabe to have his parents together. I wish I had the strength those two have!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Random photos

Gabe kept running into the foilage, cracking up then running out

Completely comfortable taking off on his own!
Hmmmm Maybe thats confusing?
Taking time to ponder lifes greatest questions
Knigh Knight


Nassau was probably my favorite day, I didn't know much of what to expect from this little island town, but I had so much fun. We have tons more pictures that I will post later, but they are on the other camera,

We decided to go on the "forts and pirates" tour. When we left the ship early in the morning we were met by a pirate who led us to a tour guide "George" who led us through the town for two hours showing us the sites. For the life of me I haven't figured out HOW they drive! No signs or directions, cars and busses just drive every which way in a crazy fashion. We did get a tour of the "driving school" which is basically three beat up old cars with people driving in circles hitting cones, apparently to pass you have to park between two of them. . . . makes no difference how many pedestrians you take out along the way!

Then we went to several forts and learned the history of the british, french and spanish invasions, the pirates and the links between piracy and the slave trade. It ended with a tour through the pirate museum (Nassau was one of the most notorious pirate hangouts) all in all, it was very interesting and informative.

Then, we were thrust out in Nassau on our own. It was a bit scary at first, because we had no idea where we were, how to get anywhere, no signs, cars driving everywhere, but finally we just made a run for it and we figured it out. We went shopping at the "straw market" and spent a ton of money on various items (hand carved wooden figurines for me, rasta dolls for the kids, brand name bags for jayme)

We went back to teh ship, dropped everything off and then returned to spend the rest of the evening at "senor frogs". . . lemme tell you, if your ever in Nassau, you HAVE to go here, Oh gosh. . . .it was quite the event. After several "yard longs" which are drinks served in yard long glasses, out on the deck over the water, with little bright fishies everywhere. . . .well, you realize that drinking rum in the bahamas is a good thing. . .. Ya Mon!

This is the gateway to the city, tons of security, little shops and women who wish to braid your hair greet you when you arrive
This is one of the government buildings, Our tour guide didn't like politicians anymore then he liked doctors, he said that Bahamians go to the bush for healing, cus when they go to the doctor, they get addicted to drugs, and that isn't good!

One of the forts, it is the tallest one built on the island, the view is amazing. Another fort had dungeons and torture rooms, it was extremely creeeeeepy
Iquanas! Oregon has deer for the wildlife, Bahamas have these guys all over.. .YUCK
All of the buildings are brightly colored, yellow, pink, purple, green. Most of them are falling apart and run down, its sad to see the immense poverty, however our guide was so proud of his country and the history, it was great to see his pride. I hope that someday I can have pride in my country again.

CoCo Kay

CoCo Kay is the private island owned by Royal Caribbean. We were the first boat there so we found a secluded beach area for Gabe. Later there was a huge BBQ and I dranke too many of the island specials. . . bigggggg drinks called CoCo LoCos

Tired baby!

A Coconut tree! I didn't sit under it. . . did you know 13 people die each year from falling coconuts? Who knew?

The Cruise

We went on the Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas. I have to say that we were truly treated like royalty. Gabriel was a hit, with so many people catering to him. One man gave him chocolate milk each time he came to eat (it wasn't on the menu, nobody else got it) he would answer to calls of "Gabriel" in every dialect possible as we walked through the ship. If you are considering taking a cruise with a Toddler, I would say DO IT! We all had a blast

Our Ship as we were returning from CoCoKay

Hollywood and Character Dinner

Gabe thought Pluto was funny

Goofy deserved a slurpy kiss. . . we had to clean his nose afterwards
But "Chip" was hands down, the favorite. Gabe held and hugged him, and Chip came back to take Gabe by the hand and walk him out, then Gabe hung on to him for the longest time just hugging him, everybody was snapping pics, it was really sweet!