My babys having a baby

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A new beginning

First, some pictures, of my amazing grandson!

Gabe being a clown
Gabe camping with me. This was the first bite of a smore he had. The reaction was priceless!

Isn't he absolutely stunning?

Gabe and his Daddy . . . with his new military cut :)

My baby, and her baby. . . soon . . .

Recently I have wondered more and more if I should put this blog to rest. I felt there should be an end time, a closing, a ceremony even. This blog is so much more then just words, it holds the memories of my child's passing into adulthood. It holds my own confusion and pain, my joy and elation at my amazing grandson. Each time I have thought of closing it, another chapter began which kept the door open a bit longer.

Gabriel is turning four years old in a week. He is such an amazing child, so verbal and happy. He has the most expressive face I have ever seen in a child. He loves to talk and chat, loves his cars, loves to be funny. Now, he loves something new . . .

Gabriel loves, that he is going to become a big brother in the spring. Yes, Jayme and Tony are having another baby. My heart is full of joy for both of them. Five years later they are able to do something I never could, something that I probably never will. They are able to commit to each other and work through their grief, sadness, pain and hurt of the past. They are still together and committed. Yesterday there was talk of a wedding next fall.

Tony is leaving soon for boot camp and will be gone for four months. Jayme will be home with Gabriel and nurturing my new grandbaby. Though I am sad that Tony will miss the first four months of her pregnancy, I look forward to sharing the appointments, ultrasounds, cooking her favorite foods and being there again. This time is so very different, there was no anger or frustration. There is excitement and happiness. I am so very blessed.

So, now I am at a crossroads. I was going to close this blog, print it out, keep it as my own memory, share it with Jayme, use it for good. Now, I am tempted to keep it open. I know several people still read this when it updates. I won't follow this pregnancy like the last one, in fact, I may close it at the birth of the new grandbaby . . . but there is a new grandbaby and I want a place to celebrate him or her.

What an amazing ride!


  • I love you mom and I'm gunna miss you alot. Please keep this blog up and update it alot while I'm gone so I can see all that I missed when I get back!!! Your an amazing mom and grandmother. Thank you for being there for all of us. Whether (I know I can't spell) you like it or not you are glue to all of the kids and you have set the bar pretty high. Between you and my mom I know where we get our parenting skills from!

    By Anonymous Tony, at 5:14 AM  

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