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Friday, June 27, 2008

Epcot Fourth Day

This is just after the "Nemo" ride, don't worry. . . they really are safe. . . Duh. . . rolling my own eyes here

Jayme found two Parisian men after all. . . . don't worry Tony. . . . shes still coming home to you. . . hehehehehe
Gabe found a puddle after a shower, while Jayme and I were eating fantastic desserts from downtown France
This was part of China. . . one of Epcots world showcases
This was part of Mexico. . . it was far better then the pic shows
Jayme modeling a Turkish bathhouse. . .and im not even going there. . .
She saw the Eiffel Tower after all hehehehehe
Arabian Nights. . . .
Make you think of the Beatles?
So, the big golf ball wasn't so impressive after all, but it was still worthy of a pic

Epcot was interesting, but I probably wouldn't go again. It may have been because it was day four and started to rain, Jayme fell and hurt her knee, the food was horrible, Overall, it was an ok time.


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