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Friday, June 27, 2008

Day One Review

Well, we arrived, unfortunately, regardless of how we tried, we couldn't get internet in our review, so I will start posting pics as I get them loaded while I have my fantastic 11 hour marathon layover.

This is from our first night dinner at OHanahs. I HIGHLY recommend this as it was the best meal we had at Disney World, and we had ALOT of meals! This is in the Polynesian Resort, its an all you can eat Hawaiian (how do you spell that?) meal. Meat comes on huge skewers. . . YUM and its only a 5 minute monorail ride from Walt Disney World

Pork, Turkey Breast (my favorite!) Shrimp or steak!
Gabriel, usually not one to get messy was so in love with the dessert he didn't care. . . Jayme loved it so much she had tears in her eyes. It was the best dessert I have ever eaten, it was a hawwian bread cake with caramel and cream sauce, with vanilla bean ice cream on top. . . YUMMMMM
Gabe having one heck of a good time~
Jayme and Gabe at the Resort. We stayed at Pop Century, each building is decorated with different gigantic toys from an era. We were in the 70's building, with yoyos and disco balls.


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