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Friday, June 27, 2008

Day Two: Disneys Animal Kingdom

We started the day off early, we had heard that the safari was best in the morning because the animals are out. This was SO fun! We had the back seat in a large jeep that takes you for a twenty minute ride through a huge area with monkeys, giraffes, tigers and more. We all enjoyed it!

A bit unsure what to think of this, it was at the end of a junge walk
Thirsty Boy!!
Dinner at Rain Forest Cafe. This was super yummy and Gabe loved the animals. He made a perfect "O" with his mouth when he saw the elephant.

Animal Kingdom was a really fun day, we loved the animals and the Asia part of the park. Jayme rode the Yeti Ride, after I convinced her it was fun. We bought Gabe a tshirt to commemorate his mom overcoming her fear of rides hehehehe

Dinner was an authentic Irish Pub, it was 100 bucks for fish and chips, dessert and of course, several Guinness for me, but well work the atmosphere. Everything in the place except the toilet came from Ireland, and our waiter spent ALOT of time hanging out with us telling us everything we ever wanted to know about Ireland and Florida!


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