My babys having a baby

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yesterday was insane, really. On the way to the appt. Jayme felt sick and was scared to death of her blood draw. This is so wierd to me because she never used to be scared of it. She suffered from a bout of E-Coli when she was little and really got used to being a human pin cushion but yesterday she was absolutely freaked out. We stopped and got her some peppermint tea but it didn't seem to calm her nerves any.

We arrived and checked in, I heard my name called and there was an old friend of mine sitting there. She asked what we were there for and then acted horrified when I told her. She sat there asking questions loudly and rudely. I wanted to shield Jayme from her! When Jayme went back to be weighed she started going on about abortion and how I was too young to be a gramma. Ugh! Finally I had to just set a boundary and tell her that Jayme has made her choice and we are all happy with it. Why do people think that they have the right to make judgement calls and question my daughter and myself! It's really unnerving.

Back to the appointment, this first one wasn't actually with the midwife, it was with a lady who oversees all pregnancies. She spent 2 solid hours with us just talking about family history, pregnancy, what to expect at each appointment, what tests would be done. It was really neat actually. I never had that with any of my pregnancies! Jayme was 6 weeks pregnant yesterday according to the chart, but that could possibly change. Since she is just beginning to feel naseaus, I tend to think that it's accurate.

We got done with that part, and on to get the blood draw. Jayme was shaking like a leaf and turned absolutely white. The decision was made to have her lay down and she turned into a little child. She said "mommy please hold my hand and cover my eyes". She was absolutely freaked out by the process. I tried to get her to sing in French, and she couldn't remember. We tried to talk about music, or France, or food but nothing at all worked. I think that we definately need to work on relaxation techniques before September comes!

So, she go's back to see the midwife next week, where we get all of the results. Hopefully everything go's well, I have kinda got used to the idea that a baby is going to be in the house again.


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