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Friday, February 03, 2006

Dates or Doubles . . .

Yesterday was her first Midwifery exam. I was a bit anxious, wanting test results and to know that everything was ok with her and the babe. She was feeling really sick on the ride to the clinic, but, lately, everything makes Jayme sick, so that was no surprise.

We sat in the clinic, I read her parts of Pierre (which is, hands down, the absolute worst book ever written, but I have to make fun of it since its required reading for American Lit.) Anyway, we were laughing over the names in the book *bessy Lucy Ruthie* and quickly ruled them out. Elizabeth, the midwife came in and chatted a bit with Jayme, where the subject of her dates came up. Jayme is fairly certain she had her LMP around the time Tony left for Las Vegas. We all seemed comfortable with the idea that she is 7 weeks pregnant. She then left, Jayme undressed, I continued making her insane by reading Pierre . . . Then the midwife came back, and began the exam. She went to do the internal and said "uh, this uterus is much larger then 7 weeks!" She was able to take Jaymes hands and show her where the top of the uterus was (above her pelvic area). I just assumed for a moment that Jayme was further along then she thought she was, however when Elizabeth tried to listen to fetal heart tones, there were none. I asked what that meant and she said " I think I would like to get an ultrasound".

I'm now in a semi-state of panic. What if it is twins!!! From what Elizabeth said, if she was 10 or more weeks we should be able to hear the heart tones. I won't even let my thoughts go in the direction of the babe not having heart tones, that just simply isn't a thought I am willing to entertain. However, I think I will be in an absolute state of panic for the next week until Wednesdays ultrasound!

As for Jayme and Tony, she and I talked much this past week about Love and respect, about boundaries and abuse of those boundaries. Jayme was really frustrated with him, and he was really being a bit of a teen control freak. I certainly didn't like what I was seeing and hearing but the truth is still . . . he is going to be part of this. I have to stay on friendly ground with him even if it drives me insane. Finally Jayme went to him and told him that she isn't willing to date him anymore. She wants to remain friends but that is it. I am so very proud of her for standing up for herself. How easy it would have been to remain with him because it was easier.

So, the past week has been kind of quiet, she is very very sick now, to the point that she lost 4 pounds in a week. She can't eat and begs us not to cook any food in the house because it makes it worse. I am at the store daily for ginger ale, crackers, breadsticks or whatever it takes to make her feel better. She can't even look at a vegetable and wants tons of fruit, somewhat of a flip-flop from before she was pregnant. She used to be a salad junkie but those days are gone!!!

So, I think we are making it, step by step. This is certainly much easier now then it was 3 weeks ago. It's amazing to realize how quickly we have all adapted and settled into our new roles. I never would have guessed it!

So, another week of stressing . . . or is it 7 1/2 months of stressing left ...


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