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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

31weeks2days WooHooo!

Jayme had her checkup today, they are seeing her weekly now as she is high risk because of the preterm labor stuff. She is still at 1.5 and 50% effaced which is good because she has had a few bouts of contractions that were pretty tough for her, but each time they slow down and stop after a couple of hours. She is instructed to go strait to Labor and Delivery if they are more intense and painful, bleeding, fluid etc. But for now, she is good.

No weight gain, she is holding steady at 118 pounds. Her belly is only measuring 27 weeks but last weeks ultrasound showed Gabriel measuring just right so they aren't concerned. This is so reassuring to me and I am starting to gain some faith that she just may make it to term after all. It's stressful though, watching, waiting, jumping each time the phone rings.

My biggest fear in all of this was her having a super tiny preemie, not only am I worried because of her and how she would handle the emotional, physical and all other aspects of having a preemie but also how I would handle it? I have a tendancy to just take over, and I probably would do that even more with a preemie. I need to learn my place with this baby, its hard to recognize that this is her life, her body and her baby now. When she was in the hospital, I just kept asking the questions and making the demands then it dawned on me . . . this is my baby, but she is in labor and delivery! She isn't an adult but she needs to make her own adult decisions now. Its difficult to know where I fit in that? The nurse mentioned Tony staying after the baby was born and I want to object! I would not let my daughter have her boyfriend stay the night with her any other time . . . so why in the hospital?? On the other hand, it is his child too, so do I have the right to rule over his time with his child?? Ultimatly Jayme wants me there with her, not him so it probably won't be an issue but the point is still there. This is hard stuff to deal with :(

Jaymes baby shower is this Sunday. I am getting more nervous and scared as time goes on. My friend Sarah is hosting it but has been largely unavailable due to school and a women's retreat so I have done all the shopping and planning myself . . .ACK! Its difficult! I just hope and pray it all goes off without a hitch, she gets some fun stuff for her and Gabriel and then, its smooth sailing from there on out. well. its what I am hoping anyway!

So, I think we are gonna hang on tight and see what happens at her next appt, next Thursday! No baby no baby no baby vibes until 34 weeks!



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