My babys having a baby

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Houston~ We have a belly!

So, we have now hit the magic 14 week mark. What is magic about it? Not a darn thing. I guess that is why its magic. I am so relaxed now about this pregnancy and her transition to motherhood. The first weeks were so incredibly painful for me, a constant roller coaster of emotions. Now I can just settle into the new normal mode.

She stepped on my scale and is down another 2 pounds. She hasn't been feeling too badly, but still having a hard time eating more then about 5 bites. We have been trying lighter foods, fruit, yogurt, smoothies, salads. She is in a passionate love affair with cold cereal. My desire to lose a few extra pounds before summer means we only have skim milk and nonfat yogurt availalble, maybe I should start shopping seperatly for the both of us lol!

Tony has moved on to a new girlfriend. He leaves Jayme nasty messages about how great the new girl is. She has blocked him now from her email though, and seems to be over it. He hasn't shown any interest in the baby though. She has an amazing network of friends supporting her though, both male and female. She has been out each night this week with friends, one night bowling and one night for "battle of the bands". I am glad to see her being active and not letting this slow her down.

We are preparing for a trip down to SanDiego. We leave on her 16th birthday (April 6th). She is in Wind Ensemble at the local high school, so they are taking a band tour to compete with other bands. We also get to visit Marine World, 6 Flags and do some shopping. I was hoping to know babies gender before we went, but it doesnt seem so likely. I'm pretty sure that Lexie is a girl, but who knows . . . could be an Alex :)

Life at home is smooth right now. Im studying for finals, Jayme too. She got a 96% on her biology exam last week. She was so excited! She studied hard. Other then that, we are all waiting for spring to come, we are getting Camping Fever~ Time to retreat to the great outdoors.

14weeks and counting . . .


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