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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Jayme's Camping Experience

So, I thought I would take Jayme to the coast for the weekend, after all it was cooler there, and we have always camped. I camped pregnant, shouldn't be a big deal for her . . .
Don't ever take a 30 week pregnant 16 year old camping. That was the lesson I learned!

Actually we had a good time, but she really was cold, then too warm, then didn't like the food, the ocean was too sandy, the waves too cold, the ground too hard blech!
We did however have a great cougar experience, but after it brushed our tent and ate a sweet little kitty cat that we were planning on taking home and adopting (somebody abandoned it) we decided to beat feet and get home quickly.

Overall she is doing well but she started having some serious contractions a few days ago, she was really uncomfortable but her midwife seems to think they were braxton hicks. I am not so sure but I will trust her judgement. Jaymes belly is getting so big! On the fourth of July, little Gabriel was kicking up a storm in her belly each time fireworks would make thier booming noises, it was really funny. I hope he stays put for at least six more weeks, we are planning her baby shower for August, and I hope he is INSIDE where he belongs for the party!!!

A little note . . . SHELLY! I saw you wrote, you need to email me your email, I miss you and you should be using your midwifery skills here to help me NOT panic over this baby hehehehhehe Come back come back my dear . . .



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