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Sunday, April 30, 2006

A whopping weight gain!

Jayme had her 20 week checkup and gained a whopping 4 pounds! Woohoo!! I was so excited I was ready to dance a jig. Now if we can keep her drinking water, we should be doing good.
Her belly is growing more each day. She and I are at a standstill when it comes to maternity clothing. She loves all of the Motherhood and Old Navy maternity clothing but I am unwilling to spend money like that for her at this point. I would consider it more if boyfriend wasn't back in the picture, but I feel that HE should be the one buying this stuff now, since he wants so much to be a part. I did buy her some cute capris and tops for summer, at a second hand baby store. She was ok with them but still wanted to go get some "cute stuff". Once her and Tony went shopping they quickly came back and asked where the used stores were! It's a whole different story when its "their money". We have butted heads alot lately over her new found "princess" role. She feels that if she wants something, it should be delivered to her on a silver platter immediately. I have little tolerance for this. She is now halfway through her pregnancy, and has bought nothing yet for baby. However she has quite a few new tshirts, new nails, lots of trips to go get food when shes hungry, money for makeup, tank tops etc. I hope reality hits her soon.
This is the first time in her pregnancy that she has drove me nuts. She can't clean the bathroom because "there is bacteria and I may get sick", dishes can't happen because "Im too tired" The air conditioner has to be set JUST right because "im pregnant and get more headaches" ARGH!!! I have HAD it.
So, other then some serious head butting, I think everything is ok. I was down for a week with pnemonia, followed by each kid getting the flu. If that wasn't enough I puked all night last night and so did she. Today was going to be housecleaning day but, with all of us sick, its just not gonna happen . . . again!
Next week should be her ultrasound, and we are hoping to find out if it is a boy or a girl. Either way I am going to be thrilled, I just want to shop! (Isn't that what I was just complaining about?) I want to buy tiny clothing and diapers and slings. This baby is becoming such a reality, and so quickly!
Ok, off to nauseated flu-land again


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