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Friday, July 14, 2006

Update on Jayme and Gabriel

Jayme ended up being dilated to 1.5 and having a shortened cervix but labor was stopped. We saw a new Dr. while we were there, and he told us that chances were her labor would only stop for a few days, long enough to get the steroids in the baby to help develop his lungs. After that, he assumed labor would once again pick up and the baby would be delivered.

They took Jayme down for an ultrasound where they estimate babes size at 3 pounds 6 ounces. Her cervix was found to be shortened, another sign of impending labor. Afterwards though, they did the fetal fibronectin test, which is a predictor of the liklihood of labor in the next 10 days - 2 weeks. Jaymes came back negative, meaning that she only has a 3-5% chance of delivering babe in the next couple weeks.

I was THRILLED to hear that, and with some instructions to stay down and behave, Jayme was sent home Wednesday. She was happy to come home too, being in the hospital hooked to machines for four days was enough hospital experience for her.

The ironic part is that as soon as she came home from the hospital, the contractions stopped completely! As we were being discharged they were giving us instructions to return if her contractions were more then six an hour for over an hour. The nurse said she was confused because Jayme was contracting all morning long, every 4-5 minutes in a rhythmic pattern. Either way, they let her come home and she has been quiet and not contracting ever since.

However, her Dr. reminded us this is only good for around 2 weeks, and after that all is fair game. That in mind, we have bumped Jaymes baby shower up to the 23rd of this month. This has been a mad rush to get invitations, supplies, plans and get her registered at Toys R Us! She had no idea what she wanted/needed because he isn't due for another 10 weeks!

So, now she is kinda hanging out, being quiet. I did take her to the growers market yesterday and let her pick out some fresh bread and berries. I think it was good for her to get out of the house. She isn't on bed rest, because her Dr. said that no studies show that bedrest is effective whatsoever. He felt that she shouldn't have too much activity, but she is able to move around and do some small activity.

Me, on the other hand . . . I am stressed to the gills. I have a hard time working, concentrating, thinking about anything other then . . . what if he comes early? What if he is sick? What if he stays in the hospital for months? How will Jayme cope? I pester her constantly about contractions, pressure, how shes feeling . . . poor girl. I think she needs a mom who can handle this better then me!!!

She has another appt. on Tuesday, so we will see then if any changes have happened. She has had some contractions here and there, just nothing persistent. I am hoping and praying that little babe stays put at least another 4 weeks! 34 weekers are better then 30 weekers!

Til next time . . .
Kat (jayme is now 30weeks5days)


  • I have a son named Gabriel as well, he is truly an angel baby. I hope that baby stays where he needs to be right now and grows big and strong.

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