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Monday, July 10, 2006

Jaymes in preterm labor . . .

This is a quick update as I have to get back to the hospital, but I know many check for updates here so it seemed to make sense to leave one here. Jayme has been crampy and feeling poor all weekend but last night she came home around 6pm and was having contractions that were strong and regular. I took her up to labor and delivery where they found she was contracting every 3-4 minutes and was dilated to one centimeter.

They gave her tributaline (sp?) and an IV with something else, which did halt the contractions but early this morning they picked up again. At this point they are giving her two other medications and sent her for an ultrasound to check her cervix length. I am not sure what it is supposed to be but it is measuring short, and she is now dilated to 1.5 centimeters. Considering that she is only 30 weeks pregnant we are hoping to stall her for a few weeks. She did get a shot of steroids last night for Gabriels lungs, and will get another tonight.

At this point, labor is stopped when she is taking the meds but each time they begin to run out she starts contracting again. The Dr. said that she will most likely deliver early, but to hope that we can stall a few more weeks. So long as there is no change in her cervix she can come home tomorrow on complete bed rest.

Gabriel was cute in his ultrasound, he is estimated to be 3 pounds 6 ounces. Im exhausted and just home to freshen up before I go back.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated, I want her to have a healthy big newborn!



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