My babys having a baby

Thursday, July 20, 2006

As if I wasn't freaked out enough . . .

Last night, we were having a family bbq. My uncle and his girlfriend came up from California to visit, Bill came down, everybody was having a great time. I went into the house to clean up a bit and was just walking out the door when I saw Bill and Katie splattered on the ground. I kinda laughed about it, knowing they had been wrestling. That turned to horror when I heard Bill say "NO! Worry about HER!" I looked and Jayme had fallen also and was lying on her back on the concrete!

Talk about panic! I freaked right out! Poor Jayme just had tears streaming down her face but was so scared. Gabriel was freaking out, kicking all over the place. Apparantly while Katie and Bill were wrestling, he started to go down and pushed Jayme out of the way so he didn't land on her, which is a good thing considering he is 6'4 and 315 pounds.

Either way, I was in a panic, but tried to stay calm, we called her Dr. who said that she landed the best way that she could for the baby. So long as she wasn't leaking fluid, bleeding or increasing contractions, they think that she will be ok.

I'm still panicked, I couldn't sleep last night, thinking "what if?" I find that I worry so much more about her and her pregnancy then I ever worried about my own. Even with friends I have always been the one saying "Go ahead, drink a soda, it won't hurt you sometimes, Go ahead and go on that hike, travel. . . do all those things you always did before" In fact my usual reply was to point out that women all over the world have babies without our "Americanized" rules. That all flew out the window with Jayme though. Even my mom has noticed and commented on how overprotective I am.

At this point, I almost wish she would deliver just so that I could get over that panic! I don't really want her to have him anytime soon but this constant panic and roller coaster of emotions I am on is really draining me! Once he is here, safe and sound, I think I will feel so much better.

So, hopefully no more updates in the next few days!


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