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Friday, July 28, 2006

Hospital visit number 2

I should preface this post by saying that I am slightly, ok, really annoyed. I have never been through such a hectic experience with a hospital, and this just reminds me of why I loved my midwife and only seeing her. I could vent for days but quite frankly I am too exhausted.

Yesterday morning Jayme had a checkup with her midwife, Elizabeth who she has seen through the pregnancy. I had another appt. at the same time, so I went ahead and had Jayme and Tony go by themselves, with instructions to check in afterwards and let me know how things went. Considering that she hadn't had too many contractions or cramps, I wasn't too worried.

An hour later I get a tearful phonecall from Jayme. She said she is dilated to 3 and having bloody show, she was upset and saying hurry, i have to go the the hospital now, they are admitting me. Apparantly after her midwife realized she was at 3cm and bloody show, the dr. also saw her, they explained the NICU was good, that there still may be a chance to stop it, but at 32w4d chances were good for her and babe.

SO, I call into work, I am in full on panic, dash home, get Jayme, dash to the hospital, she was crying, thinking it was something she was doing. I was panicked thinking I am just not ready for this yet, it was so out of the blue. We get there and get nurse bitch from hell, who begins to chastise Jayme for walking around and doing fairly normal activity and for not going in even though she is cramping a bit more. I flew into over protective mama bear role and told the nurse that her orders were "only if something seriously changes" and that we were told she wouldn't deliver in the next 2 weeks so we didn't think much of cramping. Nurse bitch from hell goes into this whole rant over how bad Jayme's dr. office is, how they can't communicate, that clearly she is in labor blah blah blah blah. At this point Jaymes contractions were about 3-4 minutes apart and regular. It just felt bad, it was not good energy at all, Tonys freakin, Jaymes freaking, im pissed at the nurse . . .

So, the Dr. walks in (who only checked jayme once 3 weeks ago) and says HE wants to check her cervix. He then prompty announces that nope, she is only 1 cm dilated. ??? So . . . if she is 1 cm dilated, and not having bloody show, isnt that QUITE a difference in just an hour??? He seems a bit confused and leaves, the nurse bitch from hell starts in about how that has never happened, its too big of a discrepancy, blah blah blah. I am thinking "great! So, shes not dilating, lets go home!"

Ya right. Nope. Then they decide that since she is there, they should test her for everything JUST in case something is happening. SO, after blood tests, urine tests and another fetal fibronectin, we are told we can wait and go home in a few hours, they wanted to keep looking at contractions. . . . grrrrrr ok, great.

Obviously we were filled with relief that little babe isn't making his debut but on the other hand, had the midwife not found her to be 3cm with bloody show, we wouldn't even be there! So, everything pretty much came back normal except that she *may* be developing a bladder infection, which I doubt because they say that each time. They decided then to keep her overnight JUST in case it was labor! So, we stayed and she began to get super sick, and contractions picked up pretty bad. The nurse comes in, checks her cervix, and says it is now 2 cm! She decides to "make an executive decision" and just administrate terbutaline to Jayme (which they decided last time NOT to use again because of the reactions to it). So, next think ya know, Jayme is bouncing off the bed shaking, the Dr. comes in and says "whoa, look at your heart rate". He then proceeds to check her AGAIN and promptly announces that she is dilated to . . . . . . . . ONE.

After a pissed off discussion about how she can be somewhere between 1 and 3, they said that her cervix is funneling, so its 1-2 on the inside and 3 or so on the outside.

Dammit . . . what a waste of time and money, but moreso the panic that Jayme went through, the being poked and prodded . . . grrrr

So, we escaped again this morning, we are home and have a follow up appointment on Monday. Wooooo Hoooooo

Poor Jayme, this is her experience as a pregnant woman. I hurt for her, I want her to live a healthy happy pregnancy.

Ok, im gonna stop venting,
Kat (babe is now 32w5d even though the hospital swears he is due October 7th not September 17 ~ that is a vent for next time!)


  • Just wanted you to know that there are people out here praying for you and dd. I am 33 wks along and can't imagen going through your dd's latest drama without the great help and support you have given. I have really learned alot about parenting with love, and letting go of our dear children from this blog. You are a great "Mother Bear" and I pray for that little grand baby often!

    Hope (from WTM boards)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:20 AM  

  • i just wanted to let you know i have been checking in on your blog occasionally to see how all is going. my prayers are with you. we miss you here!!

    By Anonymous twyla, at 12:29 AM  

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