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Sunday, August 06, 2006

34 weeks!

I am so thrilled that she has made it this far! Gabriel has such great chances now if he is born, and it seems as though just hitting this mark has relieved so much tension, at least for me. My own babies were 34 weekers, and I am pretty comfortable with the behaviour and problems that can arrive at this stage. But, of course, its not all about me, I just think it is usually!!!

Jayme is feeling rather large, and pretty uncomfortable. Babe has dropped so low in her pelvis that she finds it uncomfortable. She had an episode the other night where she thought she wet her pants, and couldn't stop peeing. I thought perhaps she had a small leak, but it stopped leaking out, so either it healed or it wasn't a tear at all. She says she feels alot more "snot" though, so I think its possible things are beginning to stir around again.

That being said, I have made "mini" goals through this pregnancy for her, I wanted 24-25 weeks (viability) and then it was 28 weeks, then it was 30 and the labor scare. After that I was hoping for 2 more weeks, and then 34 sounded good. SO, now of course, I am rooting for 36 weeks! I am trying to convince myself that if I keep setting 2 week goals, I will push her to 40 weeks! However, according to last weeks Dr. appt, that probably isn't possible. He said there was some "minimal" change to her cervix and he thought he could get her to 36 weeks. I pushed for a clearer answer, asking if we could make it to September still, considering babe is due September 17. He shook his head and said nope . . . 36 weeks, if we are lucky. So, he apparently has no real confidence in her going past that point, and making it to September.

However, he still felt no reason for bed rest. He comes from the camp that says bedrest makes no real difference in pregnancy outcomes. My perinatologist from when I had my last child had the same idea, so Jayme has been up and active. We went to the lake and low and behold . . . Jayme wore a bikini! I was shocked, in my old fuddy duddy ways, I guess I just can't imagine an 8 month pregnant woman wearing a bikini, but she was completely comfortable with it. I asked her about it but she kinda shrugged her shoulders and said "who cares?" she wasn't flippant about it, just very comfortable with her body and her pregnancy. WOW! I wish that I could have that same sense of ease and confidence that she seems to inherently hold.

Everybody has been asking her if she is scared of labor, of the birth, if she wants meds, or is worried about breastfeeding, being up at night or a host of other "problems". However she is so calm and relaxed about it. She often talks about how women have had babies for thousands of years, and she is looking forward to the process and the ritual of childbirth. To hear her talk, she sounds like a well educated young lady, well . . . I guess she is, just a very very YOUNG lady! I am so very proud of her, she has taken this experience and really grown from it. I have seen her mature in so many ways. Not just maternal ways but also just becoming stronger in herself, in the person she is.

Though I never would have believed it . . . and while I never wanted her to be a teen mom, I must admit that I am so grateful now for this experience. I wouldn't change it if I could. I have grown so much also, our relationship has deepened, this is just amazing. I never thought I would be able to say that, especially before I am holding and greeting this new little child! I can't wait!!!


  • vbgbgn <<<< that is what I typed trying to get a granola bar out of the keyboard. Cute picture...just hang in there a few more weeks! :)


    By Blogger Terra, at 2:48 PM  

  • Wow! Thank God that Gabriel has been able to stay in this long. I'm so proud of Jayme and how she seems to be handling all this. I've read through all of your posts, and it has been an amazing journey for all of you.

    By Anonymous Jessica, at 3:09 PM  

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