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Saturday, August 12, 2006

35 weeks tomorrow . . . maybe??

First, I have to say I am so excited that tomorrow marks 35 weeks for Jayme and babe, I am thrilled for her and excited that he probably won't need an extended NICU stay. I know anything is possible, but I feel really positive at this point. Actually, I was pretty positive that we would make it until September, because she really quieted down. The past two weeks, the only way I could tell she had a contraction is because she ran down the hall to the bathroom, it seems as though having a full bladder equaled contractions for Jayme! Her basic pattern has been about once or twice a day, to have 2 contractions and then no more. Because she has been so quiet, I did begin to assume that she would make it a bit longer, and have begun to relax a bit about the impending birth.

Things are changing though, maybe? Wednesday night Jayme and Tony went to childbirth classes together. She was excited, but tired and a bit sore. Thursday she woke up with a super bad backache. She limped around the house a bit, not complaining badly but certainly sore. Yesterday, on Friday she was even more sore, however I had a planned to take her for a full massage at a local healing center in Ashland. We arrived and Jayme had an hour long massage, and came out feeling fantastic. She said her back didn't hurt, she felt good and relaxed and was super hungry. We went to eat and then over to my moms to pick up the kids (my own 4 other children) and Jayme said she had a contraction, 15 minutes later another, 20 minutes later another, for most of the evening last night. We went to bed early and I wondered if she may wake me up with more intense contractions. However, this morning when I left at 6am, I woke her up, and she said she was only having a few contractions here and there.

So, I went off to start my morning, then had breakfast with a friend, and got back home. Since I have been home (only about 2 hours) she has consistently been having contractions every 7-10 minutes, but they aren't hurting at all. She also had alot of discharge this morning and is having a bad bachache again. Could the massage have kicked her into labor?? I am wondering if she is in the early stages . . . ??

Last time she was in the hospital, it was horrible. The terbutaline made her shake and tremble so bad I just crawled on the bed and held her in my arms, what else could I do? Her Dr. and her midwife have both said that at this point they wouldn't stop the labor, so I don't know if it would be worth it to drive in and have her checked, and if they DID try to stop labor again by that medication I would probably be arrested for violent acts. I dunno what to do!!!!! As you can tell, I am stressing at this point but she isn't. She is calm as can be, with the attitude that if it IS labor, we will soon be sure of it. Tony is here with her, they are kicked back chatting. Little do they know the anxiety of ME!!!!

But, like this pregnancy is teaching me, its not always about me. Dammit! So, I think I am going to go take a nap, relax (ya right) do something to keep my mind off of Jayme and stop asking her every 4 minutes "Have you had another one??" just to get a roll of the eyes and a Yes mom . . . .

Would you believe that at first she said she had a contraction at 11:02 and then 11:19. Then she mentioned that those were the "bad ones" and that there were 2 small ones in between but "they didn't count because they didn't hurt"


I seriously need to calm down, why does this freak me out so bad??????? Women having babies is NORMAL, he is 35 weeks so that is OK, She is calm and relaxed . .. .

Good lord, I have 4 daughters. I think the next grandbaby that comes (which better be in about 25 years) I will have to move to Jamaica or Africa or Antarctica or anywhere but here close, this is just too much stress for me!!!!!

Ok, I think im going to go meditate, read a book, jump out the window or something, anything, other then sitting here stressing



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