My babys having a baby

Thursday, May 11, 2006

An Amazing Baby . . .

We went in for her ultrasound today, she is 21 weeks pregnant. I have been so excited to find out the gender of this baby. At first, I was convinced it was a girl, beyond a shadow of a doubt. I even bought girl clothing! Then, I started having dreams that we were in the delivery room, and the baby was a boy! Shelly did the ring test, and it showed a boy, so I had switched my thinking towards a boy. Then I had a girl dream. So strange!! Today we stopped to get a videotape for the ultrasound and I had a strong urge it was a boy.

So, we went into the US (Jayme Tony and I) all completely confused. Jayme crawls up on the bed, the wand goes on her belly and I saw immediatly! I knew I was going to have a grandSON! Yay!! Jayme was so happy, Tony began to cry. The baby was active as they come! He was all over the place, squirming here and there. We got about 15 pictures of him and a videotape. I will scan and put them on here this weekend.

They did the 4D ultrasound, which really amazed me. We could see his little ears, his lips, his nose. His hands were moving around in front of his face, stretching out. I haven't ever seen one so clear and visible. It was so powerful! He really looks like a baby!

So, Jayme and I went shopping afterwards and bought little blue hats, socks, striped onesies, a bib that says "I love my Gramma!" and tiny little jammies. It was so fun to shop for him! I had 4 girls, then a boy, so I still have a blast doing the baby boy thing.

Her and Tony went and bought a crib tonight, its a nice one, with an attached dresser and changing table. They are upstairs putting it together, and it currently is in about 200 pieces. It is quite funny to check in every now and then actually. I hope that it all works out in the end :)

Tonight is ending on a good note, I am still a bit frustrated with him, but he is trying. I am frustrated with her, but trying to get over that. Overall though, I am really excited to get to know this baby better, to start making a quilt for him, to hear the baby boy names tossed around (tonight they are discussing Andrew, Jayme likes William but he doesn't, Jayme also likes Dominick, but its Tonys brothers name) anyway, let the fun begin!!!