My babys having a baby

Friday, July 28, 2006

Hospital visit number 2

I should preface this post by saying that I am slightly, ok, really annoyed. I have never been through such a hectic experience with a hospital, and this just reminds me of why I loved my midwife and only seeing her. I could vent for days but quite frankly I am too exhausted.

Yesterday morning Jayme had a checkup with her midwife, Elizabeth who she has seen through the pregnancy. I had another appt. at the same time, so I went ahead and had Jayme and Tony go by themselves, with instructions to check in afterwards and let me know how things went. Considering that she hadn't had too many contractions or cramps, I wasn't too worried.

An hour later I get a tearful phonecall from Jayme. She said she is dilated to 3 and having bloody show, she was upset and saying hurry, i have to go the the hospital now, they are admitting me. Apparantly after her midwife realized she was at 3cm and bloody show, the dr. also saw her, they explained the NICU was good, that there still may be a chance to stop it, but at 32w4d chances were good for her and babe.

SO, I call into work, I am in full on panic, dash home, get Jayme, dash to the hospital, she was crying, thinking it was something she was doing. I was panicked thinking I am just not ready for this yet, it was so out of the blue. We get there and get nurse bitch from hell, who begins to chastise Jayme for walking around and doing fairly normal activity and for not going in even though she is cramping a bit more. I flew into over protective mama bear role and told the nurse that her orders were "only if something seriously changes" and that we were told she wouldn't deliver in the next 2 weeks so we didn't think much of cramping. Nurse bitch from hell goes into this whole rant over how bad Jayme's dr. office is, how they can't communicate, that clearly she is in labor blah blah blah blah. At this point Jaymes contractions were about 3-4 minutes apart and regular. It just felt bad, it was not good energy at all, Tonys freakin, Jaymes freaking, im pissed at the nurse . . .

So, the Dr. walks in (who only checked jayme once 3 weeks ago) and says HE wants to check her cervix. He then prompty announces that nope, she is only 1 cm dilated. ??? So . . . if she is 1 cm dilated, and not having bloody show, isnt that QUITE a difference in just an hour??? He seems a bit confused and leaves, the nurse bitch from hell starts in about how that has never happened, its too big of a discrepancy, blah blah blah. I am thinking "great! So, shes not dilating, lets go home!"

Ya right. Nope. Then they decide that since she is there, they should test her for everything JUST in case something is happening. SO, after blood tests, urine tests and another fetal fibronectin, we are told we can wait and go home in a few hours, they wanted to keep looking at contractions. . . . grrrrrr ok, great.

Obviously we were filled with relief that little babe isn't making his debut but on the other hand, had the midwife not found her to be 3cm with bloody show, we wouldn't even be there! So, everything pretty much came back normal except that she *may* be developing a bladder infection, which I doubt because they say that each time. They decided then to keep her overnight JUST in case it was labor! So, we stayed and she began to get super sick, and contractions picked up pretty bad. The nurse comes in, checks her cervix, and says it is now 2 cm! She decides to "make an executive decision" and just administrate terbutaline to Jayme (which they decided last time NOT to use again because of the reactions to it). So, next think ya know, Jayme is bouncing off the bed shaking, the Dr. comes in and says "whoa, look at your heart rate". He then proceeds to check her AGAIN and promptly announces that she is dilated to . . . . . . . . ONE.

After a pissed off discussion about how she can be somewhere between 1 and 3, they said that her cervix is funneling, so its 1-2 on the inside and 3 or so on the outside.

Dammit . . . what a waste of time and money, but moreso the panic that Jayme went through, the being poked and prodded . . . grrrr

So, we escaped again this morning, we are home and have a follow up appointment on Monday. Wooooo Hoooooo

Poor Jayme, this is her experience as a pregnant woman. I hurt for her, I want her to live a healthy happy pregnancy.

Ok, im gonna stop venting,
Kat (babe is now 32w5d even though the hospital swears he is due October 7th not September 17 ~ that is a vent for next time!)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Baby Shower

Jayme had a great baby shower tonight. She had a ton of friends and friends of mine show up, we played games, ate lots of food and had an all around good time. I can't believe the amount of stuff she received!! Bouncy seats, bathtubs, diapers, onesies, outfits, toys . . . SO much!! Gabriel is well loved, that is for sure. I will post more later, but wanted to put some pics up here for her first. It is scorching hot here, so I think I will come back later when it cools . . .

Thursday, July 20, 2006

As if I wasn't freaked out enough . . .

Last night, we were having a family bbq. My uncle and his girlfriend came up from California to visit, Bill came down, everybody was having a great time. I went into the house to clean up a bit and was just walking out the door when I saw Bill and Katie splattered on the ground. I kinda laughed about it, knowing they had been wrestling. That turned to horror when I heard Bill say "NO! Worry about HER!" I looked and Jayme had fallen also and was lying on her back on the concrete!

Talk about panic! I freaked right out! Poor Jayme just had tears streaming down her face but was so scared. Gabriel was freaking out, kicking all over the place. Apparantly while Katie and Bill were wrestling, he started to go down and pushed Jayme out of the way so he didn't land on her, which is a good thing considering he is 6'4 and 315 pounds.

Either way, I was in a panic, but tried to stay calm, we called her Dr. who said that she landed the best way that she could for the baby. So long as she wasn't leaking fluid, bleeding or increasing contractions, they think that she will be ok.

I'm still panicked, I couldn't sleep last night, thinking "what if?" I find that I worry so much more about her and her pregnancy then I ever worried about my own. Even with friends I have always been the one saying "Go ahead, drink a soda, it won't hurt you sometimes, Go ahead and go on that hike, travel. . . do all those things you always did before" In fact my usual reply was to point out that women all over the world have babies without our "Americanized" rules. That all flew out the window with Jayme though. Even my mom has noticed and commented on how overprotective I am.

At this point, I almost wish she would deliver just so that I could get over that panic! I don't really want her to have him anytime soon but this constant panic and roller coaster of emotions I am on is really draining me! Once he is here, safe and sound, I think I will feel so much better.

So, hopefully no more updates in the next few days!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

31weeks2days WooHooo!

Jayme had her checkup today, they are seeing her weekly now as she is high risk because of the preterm labor stuff. She is still at 1.5 and 50% effaced which is good because she has had a few bouts of contractions that were pretty tough for her, but each time they slow down and stop after a couple of hours. She is instructed to go strait to Labor and Delivery if they are more intense and painful, bleeding, fluid etc. But for now, she is good.

No weight gain, she is holding steady at 118 pounds. Her belly is only measuring 27 weeks but last weeks ultrasound showed Gabriel measuring just right so they aren't concerned. This is so reassuring to me and I am starting to gain some faith that she just may make it to term after all. It's stressful though, watching, waiting, jumping each time the phone rings.

My biggest fear in all of this was her having a super tiny preemie, not only am I worried because of her and how she would handle the emotional, physical and all other aspects of having a preemie but also how I would handle it? I have a tendancy to just take over, and I probably would do that even more with a preemie. I need to learn my place with this baby, its hard to recognize that this is her life, her body and her baby now. When she was in the hospital, I just kept asking the questions and making the demands then it dawned on me . . . this is my baby, but she is in labor and delivery! She isn't an adult but she needs to make her own adult decisions now. Its difficult to know where I fit in that? The nurse mentioned Tony staying after the baby was born and I want to object! I would not let my daughter have her boyfriend stay the night with her any other time . . . so why in the hospital?? On the other hand, it is his child too, so do I have the right to rule over his time with his child?? Ultimatly Jayme wants me there with her, not him so it probably won't be an issue but the point is still there. This is hard stuff to deal with :(

Jaymes baby shower is this Sunday. I am getting more nervous and scared as time goes on. My friend Sarah is hosting it but has been largely unavailable due to school and a women's retreat so I have done all the shopping and planning myself . . .ACK! Its difficult! I just hope and pray it all goes off without a hitch, she gets some fun stuff for her and Gabriel and then, its smooth sailing from there on out. well. its what I am hoping anyway!

So, I think we are gonna hang on tight and see what happens at her next appt, next Thursday! No baby no baby no baby vibes until 34 weeks!


Friday, July 14, 2006

Update on Jayme and Gabriel

Jayme ended up being dilated to 1.5 and having a shortened cervix but labor was stopped. We saw a new Dr. while we were there, and he told us that chances were her labor would only stop for a few days, long enough to get the steroids in the baby to help develop his lungs. After that, he assumed labor would once again pick up and the baby would be delivered.

They took Jayme down for an ultrasound where they estimate babes size at 3 pounds 6 ounces. Her cervix was found to be shortened, another sign of impending labor. Afterwards though, they did the fetal fibronectin test, which is a predictor of the liklihood of labor in the next 10 days - 2 weeks. Jaymes came back negative, meaning that she only has a 3-5% chance of delivering babe in the next couple weeks.

I was THRILLED to hear that, and with some instructions to stay down and behave, Jayme was sent home Wednesday. She was happy to come home too, being in the hospital hooked to machines for four days was enough hospital experience for her.

The ironic part is that as soon as she came home from the hospital, the contractions stopped completely! As we were being discharged they were giving us instructions to return if her contractions were more then six an hour for over an hour. The nurse said she was confused because Jayme was contracting all morning long, every 4-5 minutes in a rhythmic pattern. Either way, they let her come home and she has been quiet and not contracting ever since.

However, her Dr. reminded us this is only good for around 2 weeks, and after that all is fair game. That in mind, we have bumped Jaymes baby shower up to the 23rd of this month. This has been a mad rush to get invitations, supplies, plans and get her registered at Toys R Us! She had no idea what she wanted/needed because he isn't due for another 10 weeks!

So, now she is kinda hanging out, being quiet. I did take her to the growers market yesterday and let her pick out some fresh bread and berries. I think it was good for her to get out of the house. She isn't on bed rest, because her Dr. said that no studies show that bedrest is effective whatsoever. He felt that she shouldn't have too much activity, but she is able to move around and do some small activity.

Me, on the other hand . . . I am stressed to the gills. I have a hard time working, concentrating, thinking about anything other then . . . what if he comes early? What if he is sick? What if he stays in the hospital for months? How will Jayme cope? I pester her constantly about contractions, pressure, how shes feeling . . . poor girl. I think she needs a mom who can handle this better then me!!!

She has another appt. on Tuesday, so we will see then if any changes have happened. She has had some contractions here and there, just nothing persistent. I am hoping and praying that little babe stays put at least another 4 weeks! 34 weekers are better then 30 weekers!

Til next time . . .
Kat (jayme is now 30weeks5days)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Jaymes in preterm labor . . .

This is a quick update as I have to get back to the hospital, but I know many check for updates here so it seemed to make sense to leave one here. Jayme has been crampy and feeling poor all weekend but last night she came home around 6pm and was having contractions that were strong and regular. I took her up to labor and delivery where they found she was contracting every 3-4 minutes and was dilated to one centimeter.

They gave her tributaline (sp?) and an IV with something else, which did halt the contractions but early this morning they picked up again. At this point they are giving her two other medications and sent her for an ultrasound to check her cervix length. I am not sure what it is supposed to be but it is measuring short, and she is now dilated to 1.5 centimeters. Considering that she is only 30 weeks pregnant we are hoping to stall her for a few weeks. She did get a shot of steroids last night for Gabriels lungs, and will get another tonight.

At this point, labor is stopped when she is taking the meds but each time they begin to run out she starts contracting again. The Dr. said that she will most likely deliver early, but to hope that we can stall a few more weeks. So long as there is no change in her cervix she can come home tomorrow on complete bed rest.

Gabriel was cute in his ultrasound, he is estimated to be 3 pounds 6 ounces. Im exhausted and just home to freshen up before I go back.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated, I want her to have a healthy big newborn!


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Jayme's Camping Experience

So, I thought I would take Jayme to the coast for the weekend, after all it was cooler there, and we have always camped. I camped pregnant, shouldn't be a big deal for her . . .
Don't ever take a 30 week pregnant 16 year old camping. That was the lesson I learned!

Actually we had a good time, but she really was cold, then too warm, then didn't like the food, the ocean was too sandy, the waves too cold, the ground too hard blech!
We did however have a great cougar experience, but after it brushed our tent and ate a sweet little kitty cat that we were planning on taking home and adopting (somebody abandoned it) we decided to beat feet and get home quickly.

Overall she is doing well but she started having some serious contractions a few days ago, she was really uncomfortable but her midwife seems to think they were braxton hicks. I am not so sure but I will trust her judgement. Jaymes belly is getting so big! On the fourth of July, little Gabriel was kicking up a storm in her belly each time fireworks would make thier booming noises, it was really funny. I hope he stays put for at least six more weeks, we are planning her baby shower for August, and I hope he is INSIDE where he belongs for the party!!!

A little note . . . SHELLY! I saw you wrote, you need to email me your email, I miss you and you should be using your midwifery skills here to help me NOT panic over this baby hehehehhehe Come back come back my dear . . .