My babys having a baby

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Five Generation family photos

Any guesses on how Mr. Moose felt about his photo shoot? I LOVE this picture, so much I bought an 8x10 of it to frame! He has the cutest little frown when he gets sad . . . is that bad to say its cute he is sad? I dunno, but its cute none the less.

Mr Moose posing with mama in his tie. He wasn't a very happy baby for pictures, he was tired and read to eat, sleep and be done with the whole thing.

Here moose is posing with his Great- Great Grandmother.

Five generations, My Grandmother Pat, Mother Cheryl, Me Katrina, Jayme and baby Gabriel

Overall, things are going pretty well for all of us. Our visit with Gramma was nice, she is safely back in California. I guess one advantage to being a young mama is that we get to have several generations together at once. It keeps it interesting *hehehe*

Gabriel had his first ear infection, stemming from a cold. He missed almost a week of daycare/school for Jayme, but he is better and his usually happy/grumpy self again. He is such a smiley baby! He is beginning to coo and bat at objects, Christmas shopping for baby toys is going to be a blast this year!

Jayme is adjusting well to being back in school now. She wakes up much earlier then ever before so she can be ready and out the door by the time the bus picks her up, super early! She is in good spirits, ready for Thanksgiving and Turkey. She has talked about it for months now. We will be doing Thanksgiving as a family, small this year.

Tony and Jayme are at war still. Some things never change I guess. As with everything, there are two sides to the story always. I listen to Jaymes side, but other then the occasional remarks tony leaves here, telling me how sick I make him, he pays no attention to me. Jayme set up a weekend schedule so Tony could come over a few hours a day on the weekends, but he is usually busy or sleeping so that hasn't worked out so well either. Now he is threatening her with court and custody stuff. She was expecting that though, so it is just part of her new life as a mama. I feel bad that they can't make things work out peacefully around parenting time, but its out of my hands. I don't agree with everything that is said and/or done, but its not my child, not my battle to fight, so I stay largely uninvolved. Jayme is doing well with it though, staying level headed and accessing the people that can support her best. I am pretty darn proud of her.

Overall, we are all feeling like life is becoming normal again, the holidays are here, busy but fun times for us. I can't wait to shop for Mr. Moose, in fact I may just go start shopping today! I am eager to see what is in store for us at the Mall!!!

I will update again soon,

Friday, November 10, 2006

Babe meets his Great Great Gramma

First of all, I apologize for not updating this blog more. Life has become very busy with this household. I am in school full time, working, the kids are in school full time, Jayme went back to school a few weeks ago, add to that a family member in the hospital, various winter illness that are passed through the family and the blog takes a backseat!

So, for some updates. Jayme returned to school 3 weeks ago. The first day she struggled with leaving Gabriel in daycare, I was with her and when she finally walked out, she was bawling. She called me by noon and had me come pick the two of them up. It was a hard transition. Things are better now though, she has 2 hours a day in the daycare with him, and is able to come nurse him when he is hungry. She is glad to be back in school though.

Moose has his first ear infection, so Jayme is getting her experience with a sick fussy baby who can't nurse and breathe at the same time. She is dealing well with it though, and Moose is recovering nicely. He is now 2 months old and weighing in at a hefty 13 pounds 6 ounces already!! He is smiling and cooing now, making him a fun baby for the whole house.

Last night, Moose met his Great Great Grandmother for the first time. She came up from California for a visit, and it was awesome to see her and him together. Today we will go get 5 generation portraits done together, maybe I will put one up here. Iam looking forward to having a beautiful portrait of all of us on the wall. It strikes me as odd that its already here, I have thought of this moment since I accepted that Jayme was indeed pregnant. Now, its here!

Here is Moose, showing off his incredibly delicious smile! Don't you wanna just eat him up??? He is just a happy (sometimes. . . more often now. . .) butterball. He still is Mr. Grumpy for the most part though.
One thing about Moose, he is quite strong and needs to be upright at all times. He gets upset if you try to lay him down, here he is practicing his grown up "sitting" skills.

So, there is our quick little update. We all have a long weekend planned, mostly catching up on housework, family and homework. I will try to update more often!! Promise!