My babys having a baby

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Other pics. . .

I realize, that I write about Jayme, Gabriel and myself, but often don't mention my other parts. . . so I am introducing them!
Katie, who is almost 13, wants to be an early elementary school teacher, was braving a ride on a camel in Arizona, for her little brother Jacob. Katie is the family clown, the kid who makes us laugh, and who is the clean freak.
Makiah, 11, who is my spiritual guru. She loves God, loves to read her bible, pray and is very insightful. Makiah plans to be a missionary in China. She is certainly my messy artistic child, always reading and has to be pulled into the here and now most of the time!

This would be Miss Hannah, six years old. She loves to read, and is already reading novels (life in the arctic tundra was her latest!) she is doing math and reading on about a 3rd grade level, though her reading is a bit higher. She is brilliant, and I have no idea what to do with her about that!

And, Mr. Jacob. He is a whopping 4 years old, and now is a Cowboy. Arizona cowboys enthrall him, so everything has to be decided as a cowboy would decide it. He recently got his first "big boy" haircut, and insisted that the stylist cut it "like a cowboys with spikes" Hes an amazing boy though!

And, of course, the whole bunch together. I love my family! They are the glue that keeps me together, the force that makes me get through my day, and I wouldn't change a thing about them.
Thank God for my children!