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Monday, February 20, 2006

Belly Shots

Can you believe that this is my daughters 10 week belly picture? Ok, so if I was a nice mom, I would have her in some cute outfit showing a slightly swollen belly, but OH NO! I am absolutely fascinated with the changes in her belly!!! I think its amazing, and so of course, I make her pose for me with a bare belly. She may refuse in a few months but for now I am gonna keep getting belly pics while I can :)

I don't think I was every that poochy at 10 weeks, but again, I suppose because of her size, it's just completely noticeable. She has always had such an amazingly flat tummy that there is nowhere for baby to go! She of course, is not fitting into her size one jeans anymore. She begins the day with a pretty flat belly but by the end of the day ~ well you can see for yourself. The funny thing is, I thought she was sticking her belly out, but no way . . . that is just where baby is.

For her and Tony, well, they did get back together for a brief time, but he instantly began with his controlling ways of yelling at her, being rude, and just demanding her time and attention. Tonight it came to a head, he showed up at the door, she didn't feel like talking to him so she asked us to not answer the door. I finally did answer and explained that she wasn't in the mood to see him. Shortly after he called up, screaming and cursing at me for keeping them apart. Jayme bawled because of the way he talked to me. It really disturbed her. I explained that if she stayed in this relationship then she had that same treatment to look forward to. I then had a long talk with Tony's mother where I shared my concerns about his anger and his instability. She was really great about it and agreed with me. She had overheard some of his screaming at me, and agreed that it was best for all if he stays away for now.

Jayme is coming down hard on herself for being pregnant and having this tie with him. I just explained that she can't change it now, but should use it as a learning lesson the next time she meets somebody. She feels that she has messed up her life. Teenagers are so dramatic, but when you add in the hormones, oh sheesh . . . I feel I am in a cesspool of hormonal drama. It's not a place I enjoy being at all.

She is sleeping now, hopefully tomorrow will prove to be a more relaxing day. I for one am exhausted by these two kids and their emotions. Jayme swears that she will never forgive him for the things he said to me, but the truth is, it didn't really bother me. He is just an angry hot headed kid who needed to vent. I am seriously concerned for her and the babe though if she continues to deal with his ways. I think sometimes it would be easier for all if he just decided to run and ignore the whole thing. I know that isn't the right way, but at the moment it seems much easier.

only 30 more weeks of watching the growing belly hehehehe, she is 2 months pregnant today. I feel like she has been pregnant forever, I had to actually go and count on the calender because I could not figure out how she could be ONLY 2 months pregnant! I still think I am miscounting something!


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