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Sunday, August 13, 2006

35 week update

So, yesterday I left my semi-panicked post, and then tried to relax. I had to remind myself that this is not a crisis, it is a baby coming and that its not my baby coming, but my babys baby. With that refreshed in my mind, and a phone call to the midwife who basically said "yep, sounds like early labor, see you at your appointment monday if your not in the hospital" I decided to relax and mellow out.

Jayme on the other hand, just kept on contracting until about 4:30 when we went to my moms house to drop of my youngest child, a very active and busy 3 year old who wouldn't stop talking and was making Jaymes life a bit miserable. Once we got to my moms though, Jayme immediatly stopped contractions. Not even a slow down, they just stopped! She went to bed around 9 last night and was super tired. This morning I went and woke her up at 9am, a bit worried because she never sleeps that late. She said she felt fine, but had a few contractions around 4 am that woke her up because they were so painful. Right about then, she had a big contraction that made her stop in her tracks, get super quiet and serious. She then proceeded to have another 2 hours of contractions every 7-8 minutes along with some seriously bad back pain. Then, once again, the contractions just stopped.

At this point, I am scratching my head in puzzlement. We were supposed to go a little over an hour out of town today, but I am not comfortable taking her. I can't help but think something is changing, even though she keeps stopping. This contraction business hasn't been normal or consistent until the past couple days. I am not sure quite what to think. Of course I realize that its best to just kick back and wait but I still feel like I need time to prepare myself for watching her go through labor and birth and becoming a mother herself. It doesn't feel like we are closing in on pregnancy, it seems that I just recently found out, yet on the other hand, I guess it seems like its been the norm for along time.

I wonder if this is how people feel when thier partners are pregnant? I have this sense that I should be doing something, but what? I should be preparing something . . . or packing or cleaning or cooking or something, yet I feel too scattered to bring it together to do much of anything. On one hand I am so eager to greet and hold this child, and yet I am still in bargaining mode for a couple more weeks to make sure he is all ready. I should be grateful to make it as far as we (she!) has, yet I keep trying to bargain with the forces that be . . . to get a little bit longer, so hes a little bit bigger!

At her last appt. on Monday, they said her belly is only measuring 32 weeks, the same as the week before. Her midwife thought it was because he had dropped so low, they were losing some size based on that. However she had also lost 1 1/2 pounds, so if he isn't a bit bigger tomorrow morning, they will have another ultrasound to check him out. Her midwife said he is still tiny, on the low side of 4 pounds. That seems tiny to me, because my own 34 weekers ranged from 5#4oz to 6#11oz. However, I never ever ever was 122 when I delivered either! Ha! Far from it.

So, for right now, Jayme and Tony went for a walk, she is restless and didn't feel like she could sit here any longer. I felt that I had to mop the floor and dust and clean and get everything ready JUST in case she is going to go into labor sometime soon . . . call me crazy. If nothing else, we needed space so I stop asking "another contraction?" every 3 minutes. Poor girl, if she can deal with me, then she can deal with anything.

Kat and Jayme and babe 35 weeks!


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