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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Crampy Cranky Crabby . . .

Are all wonderful words for my daughter. She is cramping, her lower back is hurting super bad and contractions are every 3-7 minutes, but they aren't hurting. She did this yesterday morning for quite a few hours, abruptly stopped and doing it again now. At this point I think I am not going to be concerned because clearly, Gabriel is enjoying his womb and plans on staying there for awhile. As much as I would like Gabe to kick back another week or so, I would also like him to come out for Jayme's sake. He is so low that she can't sit in one position for very long, she squirms and wiggles. Walking hurts a bit more. My poor baby is just a tired painful mess all of a sudden :( It makes me sad, yet excited that she got to experience late pregnancy.

All of his clothing is now washed, bedding done (even though she isn't using the crib, go figure! It makes a great toybox I guess) His bathtub and towels are ready, the laundry from the rest of us is even done! We went for a long walk this morning, where I answered endless breastfeeding questions and talked about nursing bra sizes. She is really feeling tired and bummed and I can't believe how low this little guy is. I just took a pic of her standing outside, she looks so pitiful I have to post it.

She has no fears of labor now, after her friend just went through labor and birth, but now has serious worries about if she is responsible enough to take good care of her baby, keeping him fed and clean and all the things that go with parenting. I am doing my best to support her and guide her through this period of questioning. I think all new moms worry about that, regardless of whether they are 16 or 36. She is going to be fantastic with him, she is the oldest of 5 and has so much experience already! I can't wait to watch her holding him, feeding him, just learning to be a mommy,

Thats all for now, shes hungry so im pulling the enchiladas out of the oven. I hope we don't regret that later, but this is probably just another episode of Jaymes Daily Contractions!

Kat . . . Jayme . . . Gabriel 36w4d


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