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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Good God! Pregnant women are grouchy!!!

I guess the truth is, I would be grumpy if I was told for 6 weeks that I was probably going to go into labor at any time, If I was dilated to 5 centimeters and it was 94 degrees out (with no air conditioning), if I had a 6 pound baby stuck in my pelvis and swollen ankles.

Regardless of all the reasons she has to be grumpy, it is NOT FUN FOR ME!!! I had a long conference today, and she hung out with my mom. I called each hour or so to check on her, but other then being crampy, nothing else was happening. No contractions . . . nothing. She was walking and squatting and doing everything she could think of to bring on contractions but nothing worked. By the time I arrived this evening, she was worked into a tizzy, upset because she wants him NOW!

I tried to explain he isn't even due for 3 1/2 weeks "So what? He is ready now, I am dilated to 5, he needs to come out!!!"

I tried saying that she was already at 5, so something probably would happen soon . . . "Everybody said that, but its been 29 hours and he STILL ISNT HERE"

She is worried that she won't know if her water breaks . . . and then she may get an infection, and then bad things will happen, to which I tried telling her, she WILL know if her water breaks.

She is angry at her grammas neighbor, for telling her she should scrub her nipples so breastfeeding doesn't hurt, I tried to explain that knowledge changes with time, and she was only giving advice that she had when she had her babies 25 years ago

She is angry at her 3 year old brother for yelling . . . angry at her 10 year old sister for leaving her shoes downstairs, her 11 year old sister for going to a friends house for a few days. . .

In other words, she is super pissed off! and she is NOT fun to deal with. She just sat here getting mad at me and saying that I was making stuff up!?! I finally told her she was pregnant, bitchy and had to go to bed NOW! She stomped off upset. I am trying to feel her pain, and be understanding but it only goes so far.

Please . . . somebody tell me that she won't sit at 5 centimeters dilation for another week???? Please put me out of my misery soon! At this point in merely selfish in my desire for this to happen, not only so that she stops bitching over everything, but also so I can go see my friend. I need to be with her, she is so sick. I need to share time with her while I can.

HOW long can you sit at 5cm, 80% effaced? Seriously . . . Shelly OH SHELLY!!! wanna chime in on this one? Anybody? Im willing to pay good money to have somebody convince me I don't have weeks more of this!!!!

Not to mention . . . I need to take a lil road trip to the coast to spend time with somebody special, and that is a bit selfish . . . but true!

Kat . . . Jayme . . . and babe 36w3d


  • Sorry to say, but I think you both should make peace with the fact that she could be hanging out for weeks yet. Why oh why do docs (and midwives--not letting them off the hook) get a poor pregnant woman's hopes up by telling her "any day now," because the truth is, NO ONE KNOWS! I've been following Jamie's story since the beginning and I've been thinking all along, "I'll bet that girl goes over her due date in spite of everything." It could happen. I think you should try to relax and set the tone for her. Calling her every hour isn't helping things...I'm sure it makes her feel like a watched pot that won't boil, maybe and a little bit like a failure. Just don't give in to the temptation to induce if you both can handle it. This is her first baby. She's young. Let her experience it for what it is.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:55 AM  

  • hey katrina! hang in there. you have job's patience. you can do this. take a deep breath and remember it will pass! there is too much goodness just around the corner to be at odds now. i am hopeful that you will get to visit your ill friend. that is so tragic. my prayers are with you and your family.

    By Anonymous twyla, at 3:01 PM  

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