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Monday, August 21, 2006

Moving right along

Jayme had her 36week1day appointment today. All of last week she pretty much stopped contracting and cramping until Friday evening. We were at the park having a picnic and watching a storyteller, when Jayme began to contract and they really hurt. However, they stopped after about 2 hours. Saturday and Sunday she was fine also, but she woke up pretty crampy this morning.

Anyway, she had her appointment today, which was bittersweet because her midwife is leaving to another country, and this is our last appointment with her. On one hand its exciting for her, but its a bummer for us! Jayme is pretty comfortable with the back up Dr. that she will be seeing though.

Either way, after listening to Jayme, her midwife decided to check her. Right now Jayme is dilated "a stretchy 4, basically a 5" 80% effaced and baby is at -2 station. She also is having a tiny bit of bloody show. Right now she is exhausted from hitting a late night movie with Tony, and taking a nap. I Don't know if she is in the beginning of something or if we will hold another week??

So, I think I am off to work for a bit, I will update again when and if something changes,



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