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Monday, August 14, 2006

Todays midwifery appointment

Well, we have made it 35weeks1day. This is obnoxious. I find myself counting days, hours and half weeks. I think that I am obsessed and ready to check myself into the local loony bin. Why I am so caught up in this I have no idea. Is this normal? Am I normal? I have no clue, but I doubt it will change much until he makes his debut into this life of ours. Either way, im getting exhausted.

Today Jayme woke up, having contractions just like the past two mornings. We took off to her midwifery appointment and were happy to know she gained back her 1 pound, making her all of 123 pounds at 8 months of pregnancy (did I mention I havent been 123 since grammer school??) anyway, we went and waited for her wonderful midwife, Elizabeth. She made her way in soon and I blurted out all the contraction story, while Jayme sat there staring at me. I realized it was HER story to tell, but me being the control freak that I am, I wanted to make sure that it was told correctly. Jayme has started to downplay the contractions the past few days, probably in an effort to get me to calm down, but either way, it is driving me even more nutso that she is minimizing them. So, first Elizabeth measured Jaymes belly, which was a 34 week belly this week, up from 32 last week, so that is good. She estimated that Gabriel now weighs over 5 pounds and said he is very very low. Heart rate was good and that part checked out pretty well.

Then, she did the internal exam, and said that Jayme is definatly 3 cm dilated. I questioned her about it, considering that Jayme was told that a few weeks ago, then they said she was only 1 cm. However Elizabeth said "I am touching his head, this is clearly 3 cm." She said that maybe tomorrows rafting trip isn't such a good idea (kinda bummed me out!) and that she thought there was a reasonable chance he could come soon. I tried for specifics but it just didn't happen.

The logical side of me knows that there are no answers, but the out of control side of me wants some answers!!! Either way, Jayme contracted for quite a few hours and then stopped late this afternoon. Now she is having a contraction when she moves, but they stop if she stays quiet. I think Wednesday would be a good day because her midwife is on call that day, Jayme mentioned it also because she has childbirth class that day, and furthermore, my volunteers who help run my children's group are all going to be busy that day, so Wednesday would be a difficult day (other then the midwife being on call) to have the baby, therefore, I am convinced he will come on Wednesday!!!

So, off to bed I go, im exhausted. Taking care of pregnant people is hard work hehehehehe



  • Katrina~
    Oh my dear you are doing just great!
    All is normal as it should be. The idea of normal has such a huge and vast range anyway. You both should be proud of how far you have come thus far. All of those irradict and stressful (for you) contractions are the prelabor and are doing lots of work to get little babe in the optinum place before the big event, this is part of it. Understandbly intense and mind-boggling but 100% the way things should be. Trust in the process, and Jayme, and don't forget yourself. Be willing to tune into those feelings and embrace them, then acknowledge that no matter what you do or don't for that matter will not start Jayme's labor or hinder it. Her confidence in herself will be sure to be an assest as she becomes a mother, for she is already on that path, and has a fabulous role model and trusted confidant. If possible take this time to enjoy each other before little Mr. Bean's birthday. I love you and think of you both often.

    By Anonymous Shelly, at 6:35 PM  

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