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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hospital Visit number 3

Well, Thursday night Jayme was contracting every 3-5 minutes, but they weren't getting stronger at all, just very mild, as in "Mom, I think I'm contracting again . . . but I am not sure". So, I suggested we go to sleep and if it was labor, she certainly would know and wake up. She was pretty unsure, but super tired, so we all went to bed around 11pm.

5:30 am she woke me up, saying that her thighs were wet, and each contraction, they were a bit more wet, but no fluid "running down her legs". I got up, she was feeling contractions and just didn't feel well. She was worried about the fluid and wanted to go to the hospital and be checked. I warned her that there was a good chance they would send her home, because it has been my experience that unless there is a flood of fluid, it usualy shows negative. Either way, she wanted to go, so off we went.

When we arrived at the hospital, they recognized her from her last 2 visits! She was put into a room, onto a strip, where it showed a ton of irritabilaty, but no contractions. They checked for fluid, but tests were negative. She was still 4-5 cm and 80% effaced. After an hour or so, we were discharged. Poor Jayme was super sad, embarrassed, uncomfortable and just plain sick of this whole thing. I think she would be fine if she wasn't contracting, but having them constantly is really wearing her out.

So, yesterday I worked a bit, she stayed at her grammas for awhile then came home and slept for a bit. Tony has been working alot lately and not around as much since he is working a swing shift and doesn't get off until midnight, but he came over last night and took Jayme out for Mini-Golfing. She was crampy and uncomfortable but I think it was great for her to get out and do something to take her mind off her body. She got home around 10pm last night, slept hard all night and woke up feeling much better, cramps gone and more relaxed.

Today has been pretty mellow, she has hung around home, is starving so I am making pulled pork sandwiches for dinner (her request!) She has had only one contraction today and it hurt worse then ever, making her face crumple up and her squiggle all around on the couch. Otherwise, she is in better spirits, better physical space then she was the last few days.

37 weeks tomorrow . . . a full term, happy healthy baby boy. I have been too afraid to hope for this for so long, and now it is here. I feel blessed, amazed, happy, anxious and just all around fantastic and ready to meet this little guy whenever he arrives. Even though she is so far dilated, I think it could be another week or two at this point. It feels much less "imminent" then it did before.

Course, that really screws with my personal life hehehehehe, and I worry now that if he waits until close to his due date or after, that will be hard because I go back to school the end of September!

Oh well, whatever is meant to happen, will happen. I trust that!


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