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Thursday, September 21, 2006

A Gabriel Update

This is just a quick update because so many are checking the blog to find out how he is doing. I don't have alot of new information but what I have I will share.

Gabriel has a severe kidney infection caused by a strain of E. Coli. I asked his Dr. today how he could have got E. Coli, especially with it being in the news so much right now, it feels scary to know that is what is attacking his body. However it isn't linked at all to the current cases caused by spinach. I wondered if maybe Jayme got it, and then he got it ? However his Dr. said that it wasn't caught that way. The truth is, nobody is quite sure how he got it. Everybody has some E. Coli in thier body, for some reason Gabriels body "pooled" somewhere, causing the E.Coli to grow. Why?? I have no idea.

They did an ultrasound on Gabriel's kidneys and that came back normal. Sometime next week they are going to do another test that uses something else (Gosh, I wish I could be more specific but its been a long few days) to look closer. They are thinking that perhaps his bladder is backing up into his kidneys.

Best case scenario, Gabriel will come home in another week and stay on long term antibiotics for maybe a year? Possibly longer, maybe a bit less. Worst case scenario would be surgery. I think it is way too early to begin considering all the possible implications and situations that could happen.

So, right now, Jayme is at the hospital round the clock. They are somewhat limiting visitors so that he can rest and recover as well as possible. Jayme has her own room with the baby where they have brought her a bed and she is able to order meals that are delivered to her room. I am trying to help out as much as I can by being there, bringing snacks, and offering support. Now Jayme is getting sick, so I am trying to be there to take care of him so she can sleep. Its a tough time.

Today Gabriel looked a little bit better and seemed more alert. His bilirubin levels have begun to fall so that is good right?? I am trying so hard to stay on the positive side of all of this. My heart is breaking for Jayme, but she is getting alot of support, not only from my family but from the hospital staff also. A social worker came in and visited her yesterday who helped her alot, with figuring out how her life is going, some choices she needs to make and how to best take care of herself and Gabriel. It was very helpful for Jayme to have that time to chat with somebody that wasn't mom :)

So, for now, Moose is stabilized. He has an IV in his head, and has gained 4 ounces, making him 8"11 oz. He is getting showered with new jammies, stuffed animals and books, not that he cares too much! Mama is getting loved too, I brought her new jammies, lots of yummy food from the growers market and a neighbor made them a soft fleece blankie to snuggle with.

If all goes well, they can come home a week from tomorrow . . . please keep up the prayers and well wishes, we are appreciating them,



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