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Friday, September 01, 2006

Craziest week ever . . .

This week needs to go down in history as the craziest week in Jaymes pregnancy, maybe in any of my own pregnancies. I don't know if it was the moon, or Jayme, or me or what, but it has been nuts.

Monday, Jayme had a 37 week Dr. Appt. She was seeing a new Dr. since her midwife has moved out of the country. He talked with her, and was concerned that the baby was still measuring 34 weeks, the same for the last 3 weeks. He brought in an ultrasound and checked her, then said that there didn't appear to be enough fluid around the baby. He said he would like her to go into labor soon, and asked if he could strip her membranes. He confirmed that she was still 4-5 cm dilated, stripper her membranes (which hurt her bad!) and then sent us for another ultrasound. He said that if this ultrasound confirmed what he was seeing, that he would admit her, break her water and have the baby be born. So, off we went to the next u/s, I called in to work, Jayme was contracting like crazy, hard painful contractions. Enough that she would stop, grab my arm and just get very quiet. Finally, we get to the office, have the next U/S and they confirm that there is indeed, a small amount of fluid. We were told to go home, pack up our bags and get ready to go to Labor and Deliver. So . . . we did. We waited . . . and waited . . . and waited . . . Finally around 7pm, we get a call that the fluid level is borderline, and she would probably deliver in the next day or so anyway, so just to stay put and wait.

So, we did! Jayme was a bit disappointed but it wasn't that big of a deal. We were super tired anyway, so we went to bed. Tuesday morning Jayme was pretty crampy, and contractions started up. By Tuesday evening, they were slowing down again, when she looked at me, strait faced and said "I'm peeing my pants!" There was so much fluid it was through her pants, soaked into the couch. Ten minutes later, another big gush of fluid. It was completely clear, no smell, nothing. However, it was about 9 at night, and we were exhausted, so I told her we should get some sleep, and when and if contractions picked up, we would go from there. Great plan right?? Well, no contractions . . . and no more fluid.

So, Wednesday I figured it probably wasn't her water breaking (not sure what it was??) and went to work. Around noon, she calls and says she is super hot. She is achy and has a headache. She and I chat and I realize she is running a fever!! So, of course I start to wonder if it was her water . . . now a fever . . . ?? I ask her to call her Dr. and chat with them about it. They decide they want her to go to Labor & Deliver and be checked out. I already knew where this would go, but either way, I went ahead and took her in, had her hooked up to the machines, took her temp, checked for amniotic fluid and decided there was none. . . but! She was having some seriously huge contractions, and LONG! They were every 4-10 minutes and 60-90 seconds long, according to the machine. However, she couldn't feel any of them . . . none. She had no clue she was contracting. After about 3 hours, they decided since they weren't changing anything, she could go home.

So, we get to yesterday, Thursday. She wakes up and can barely walk her back is hurting so badly. She begins contracting, but I head off to work. I called her at 11:30 and she said she had been contracting since 9, pretty regularly, but they weren't hurting much. I went to lunch and then came home about 2:00. By that time, she said that they were very regular, and beginning to hurt more, but weren't severe. I decided to take my other daughter to WalMart for school supplies. An hour or so later, I called Jayme, she sounded breathless, and said her back was hurting super bad. I was going to come home, but she said no . . . I think I am ok, and I don't want to jump the gun. I agreed, but told her to call if she needed me. 30 minutes later she called and said "you need to come home now!" I raced home, and by the time I got there she was squatting and moaning through contractions. They were every 3 minutes and she was looking unlike I have ever seen her before. I was sure this was it. Now . . . if she had been dilated to 2, I would have given it some time but since she was at 5 . . . I panicked!! I had her call her Dr. and she couldn't even get through the call without contractions. They sent her to L&D again!!

So, we walk in, she can barely walk, and is bending over every 3 minutes moaning and kinda rolling her waist in circles. They tell us that no beds are available, so can she please wait in the waiting room?? She is leaning over the chair moaning through contractions so they come get us and take us to the Drs. Lounge, lay a blanket over the couch and hook her up to a machine there. Jayme panics and says "Do I have to deliver my baby in here????" They assure her that no, she is just there until a room comes open. She is freaking out over the noises in there, and hates it. She is hurting and doesn't want to lay down. I am trying to comfort her, when the nurse comes in and says a room is available. They take her in, hook her up, and the contractions begin to slow down to every 5-6 minutes. 2 hours of lying in the bed and they are spacing to every 7 minutes. They check her cervix . . . she is still . . . at 5! They tell her since she is 37w4d and not 3 days more, making her 38 weeks, that they can't do anything to help her along. They decide to give her a shot of morphine, some ambien, and send her home. She was in tears, sad, in pain, hurting and so discouraged.

At this point, I don't know how to help her, other then keep her mind off of it. I wish all of the contractions could go away for a few days, just to let her have some peace. I want to say or do something to make it all better, and I can't. As a mom, I want to help, but this is out of my hands.

38 weeks Sunday, wowsa, never thought we would have a September baby!!

Its off for a day at the lake tomorrow, maybe that will kick her in gear :)



  • I Hope she has the easiest delivery that could happen when the time comes, poor kid.

    Enjoy your long weekend, hope you guys get the chance to relax a bit.

    By Blogger Terra, at 9:30 AM  

  • poor momma and gramma:-( turn that girl into a fish, make sure she's drinking TONS of water - it will help the contractions and her borderline fluid levels and get her in the lake as much as possible! Hope your weekend is relaxing!

    By Anonymous ~ danielle, at 3:41 PM  

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